Z-PEL'EM - "Living in Alaska can be a nightmare in the summertime.  The swarms of mosquitos can drive you nuts.  The only non-Deet mosquito repellent I found that actually works is Zpelem.  Keep up the good work." - Bob G., Ketchikan , AK

IVYOFF - "I first started using Ivy Off 10 years ago and always have a bottle at home, just in case.  When you first came out with ZPelem I decided to try it and guess what, it works!  I would never spray myself or my kids with Deet, but now having a natural alternative is a godsend." - Lori W., Owings Mills, MD

IVYOFF - "Yes, I did reorder Ivy Off but haven't had to use it, thank god!!! I ordered it last year but by the time I received it in the mail the poison ivy was healing and clearing up with the IvyOff I still had. I live in Canada so it took longer to get the product. I hope that I don't have to use it again." - Miranda F., Ontario, Canada

IVYOFF - "Here's my story.  The very beginning of August, 2010 I contacted poison ivy from doing brushwork in my yard.  This was my first bout with poison ivy and it was the WORST thing I have ever experienced.  I didn't begin noticing any symptoms until about a week after contact, however, when I did I suffered with them for about two weeks straight.  The symptoms appeared fast and furious and I tried everything from Zanfel, calamine lotion, tea tree oil, jewelweed, hydrocortisone creams, oatmeal baths, rubbing alcohol, vitamin E, etc., however, these remedies relieved my symptoms, but never eliminated them completely. I desired a quick cure and did not want any lingering effects. Then, after reading recommendations for IVY OFF from various websites, I purchased it after speaking to Jack (the inventor of it) on the phone and he assured me that it would work and HE WAS RIGHT!  I followed the instructions exactly as they were written.  I felt immediate relief and my body felt different after using this product (as if the poison had been washed away).  The itching reduced considerably, however, it didn't go away completely.  The difference is that when I itched after using IVY OFF it did NOT exacerbate the rashes, and instead the rashes healed on their own.  I am so thankful for this product, there was no need for the doctors, and I highly recommend this product for anyone suffering with the dreadful effects of poison ivy.  Thank you IVY OFF!" - Adam M., Amsterdam, NY

IVYOFF - "I had severe poison ivy on my wrist, had been put on steroids and antibiotics.  In the last days of treatment I got poison ivy on my leg. Once off the meds the poison ivy on my leg just got worse. I tried about 5 products from the pharmacy until I came across IvyOff and figured it was worth a try. It worked WONDERFULLY!!! Nothing else dried the rash, just made it messy! IvyOff took care of the rash in just a few days! I highly recommend trying IvyOff!!" - Jennifer K., Brighton, MI

IVYOFF -  ​"My name is Tammy and I live in Georgia. I ordered Ivy Off last year after searching for a cure for poison ivy. Nothing I tried seemed to work until I used Ivy Off. I could tell in just 2 days that my poison ivy was going away. I have recommended this product to my friends. I finally found something that will not only take the itch away but take the poison ivy away and it lasts. I still have some left to use in case me or my kids get it this year. Thank you!" - Tammy B., Acworth, GA

IVYOFF - "I got poison oak, and nothing worked on it, including medicine from a dermatologist. I found out about IvyOff, ordered it, and it got rid of the poison oak in 2 applications.  This product definitely works! It is easy to use and very effective. I am keeping a supply on hand, just in case I get another exposure. - John E., Palo Alto, CA

ULTRACLOT OTC - "I was in my 40's after undergoing bypass surgery and on blood thinners when I first used your Ultraclot OTC cream. I had tried everything and couldn't find anything that worked for me. Your product is a life saver.  I no longer worry about getting a cut or scrape.  Many thanks from me and my family." - Carl S., Valdosta, GA

ZERYM - "I wanted to thank you for developing Zerym.  I had originally purchased it for mosquito bites, I'm a magnet for them.  I recently went snorkeling and got stung by a jellyfish.  Boy did that hurt!  I got out of the water in a hurry and sprayed Zerym across my chest where I got stung.  The pain was gone in a minute and there was no swelling.  I'm a believer." - Pete C., Lake Worth, FL

ZERYM - "My teenage son stepped on a stingray and called me in agony to take him to the hospital.  I remembered the bottle of Zerym spray I happened to have with me.  When I got to him about a half hour later, his foot was swollen and purple.  I immediately sprayed the area, within 2 minutes the pain was gone and within 15 minutes you could barely see anything.  Needless to say we didn't go to the hospital.  It was amazing." - Jack G., Ridgway, CO

Z-PEL'EM & ZERYM -  ​"Since first trying your products several years ago, we order Z-Pel'em and Zerym every year before going on our annual family vacation to Eleuthra.  Without them, we would be eaten alive by the no-see'ums and suffering for weeks from jellyfish stings.  You're a life saver." - Tom L., Bayport, MN

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ULTRACLOT OTC - "I'm 80 years old and my doctor prescribed Coumadin for me several years ago. Everytime I got a scratch or cut, which was quite often, I couldn't stop bleeding for hours or longer.  I tried every topical clotting agent my doctor suggested or that I could find in the drugstore.  Nothing worked.  I finally came across your Ultraclot OTC cream and I can honestly say I no longer have the problem. All I do is put some of the cream on and cover it with a regular bandage.  You have made my life so much easier." - Al R., Asheboro, NC

ZERYM - "I can't tell you enough how great Zerym works on bee stings.  The first time I was stung by a bee and used it, I couldn't believe that it was all gone within a couple of minutes.  I always have it nearby because bees seem to love me." - Ken K., Petersburg, KY

ZERYM - "After buying Zerym, I got to use it on my camping trip recently.  My family and I want to thank you.  Even though my children got bitten, spraying them with Zerym immediately relieved the itch.  They didn't complain once after that.  Our trip was really enjoyable because of having it with us." - Grace G., Marion, SC